This page will contain stories about our clients and their experiences visiting Harvest House, and will be refreshed from time to time.  All names have been changed and some details of their stories might be altered to ensure privacy.

A Young Father

Sam is a young father who came to Harvest House as a first-time client. He has very good skills in a trade and had taken his wife to Wyoming for his first job, and their first child was born there. Since both families were from Northeast Oklahoma, they were anxious to move back with the new baby closer to grandparents and family. His employer in Wyoming arranged a transfer for him back to the Tulsa area and that's when the bottom fell out . . .


After moving all the family belongings to their newly rented apartment in Tulsa, Sam reported for work and the foreman told him they had a communications mix-up and they had filled the vacancy by hiring somebody else the week prior. There was no job for Sam in Oklahoma. Sam immediately began a diligent search for another job. After weeks of filling out job applications and a few interviews, he seemed no closer to a new job than when he started. Finally a desperate Sam came to Harvest House in hopes of obtaining at least some food for the baby. He broke down in the office with the interviewer, desperate and without hope for a solution to his situation. He was out of money, no food in the home, no gasoline to continue his job search, cut-off notice from the electric company, past due on rent and fresh out of hope for the future.

Harvest House was able to give his family almost two week’s worth of food, because of a program enabled by a federal grant to the Eastern Oklahoma Regional Food Bank, and added baby formula and baby food, diapers, baby clothes for the growing infant and some clothing for the parents. The interviewer helped Sam understand the assistance available from the state of Oklahoma and federal government. He had a cut-off notice with him for his electricity, and it was over 100 degrees outside. Harvest House helped with the bill, and arranged a visit with Salvation Army who paid the remainder of the bill, and the air conditioning in their apartment continued to operate. Harvest House helped him with a small portion of the past-due rent and set up an appointment for Sam with Restore Hope, where the remainder of the rent was paid. Harvest House was able to give Sam a gas card to Quik Trip to enable him to continue his job search and to go to his appointments at DHS, SSA and the unemployment office so his family could begin to obtain some of the entitlement programs’ benefits such as unemployment, food stamps, and WIC.

Sam left harvest House with food, clothes, a full tank of gasoline and appointments for meeting his other needs and, best of all, hope. He has not returned to Harvest House for more assistance because his former employer finally had a new opening and he is now working for them in his trade once again.