This page will contain stories about our clients and their experiences visiting Harvest House, and will be refreshed from time to time.  All names have been changed and some details of their stories might be altered to ensure privacy.

Clothes for New Job

One Wednesday in the spring a middle-aged lady came into Harvest House with an early appointment.  The main purpose for her visit was to find clothing that might be appropriate for a job interview that she had scheduled later that afternoon, a job she desperately needed.  Our volunteers in the clothing department helped her find some nice clothing items, making up a full outfit that seemed just right for the interview.  She left Harvest House that day hopeful, her heart set on landing that job as a sous-chef in a local restaurant.

Later that day she reappeared at Harvest House, this time without an appointment, to excitedly tell the clothing department volunteers that she did get the job.  While we celebrated with her, the ladies began to help her find other clothing that would be appropriate to working on the new job, because she actually had nothing that would be right for it.  Together they came up with several items of clothing that she could wear on the new job that started over the coming weekend.  She left Harvest House that day with a new spring in her step.  She had a new job and several items of clothing to wear to the new job, neither of which she had that morning before visiting Harvest House.