This page will contain stories about our clients and their experiences visiting Harvest House, and will be refreshed from time to time.  All names have been changed and some details of their stories might be altered to ensure privacy.

Danny asks for help…

Danny came into Harvest House for his first visit in the spring of 2014.  He had recently lost his job and subsequently spent all his financial resources while seeking other jobs and finally was discouraged and out of food in his apartment.  It was obvious he was not accustomed to asking for help by his tentative and slightly embarrassed demeanor, but he had finally come to his breaking point and was ready to ask for help.

We immediately made him feel comfortable as he was welcomed into Harvest House and we told him how privileged we felt to be able to assist him in his temporary time of need.  He was concerned how to feed their infant child and needed school clothes for their older child.  Danny’s electric bill was in danger of being cutoff and his automobile needed brakes so badly that he was not confident to drive it very much.  The children’s mother was disabled but her disability checks had been cut due to paperwork foul-ups of some sort.  He was hungry, so we gave him a sack lunch to tide him over until he could take groceries home from Harvest House and cook a meal for his family.

Danny needed some bus tokens for temporary transportation to seek a new job, so we gladly provided those.  He found all the baby food, diapers and baby clothes he needed for his infant and two full outfits for his older daughter.  He also found some suitable work clothes for himself and a spring jacket for the mom.

We assisted him with part of the payment of his electric bill and helped him get appointments to obtain donations to pay the balance of his overdue bill.  And we discussed further with him his job skills and interests.  We were able to show him a government funded transportation job training and placement program that seemed to be right down his alley.  We called and made an appointment for him to interview with that program the following day.

We also referred him to the Car Care Clinic to get his brakes repaired.  The Car Care Clinic uses the auto bays in our building that are left over from the time it was once a Wal-Mart building.

Danny left Harvest House with six bags of groceries and a full bag of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as clothing for each family member and bus tokens to get to the job interview.  He had a new energy in his step and a smile on his face as he left Harvest House that day.

Danny called back the next week to let us know he had been accepted into the transportation training program and was assured that a job was waiting for him at the completion of the program.  We have since confirmed that Danny is now working in his new job at very good hourly rates, and has no current need of help from Harvest House.