This page will contain stories about our clients and their experiences visiting Harvest House, and will be refreshed from time to time.  All names have been changed and some details of their stories might be altered to ensure privacy.

I won’t be back to Harvest House again…

Roy was a repeat visitor to Harvest House in early 2016.  He was living in his car with his girlfriend when we first met them.  They came in hungry and received two sack lunches, and learned more about Harvest House and our programs.  The next time we saw them they must have found a place to live, because they wanted an emergency bag of food.  Their third visit was an appointment on a Wednesday where they received seven days of groceries, clothes and shoes, some cookware, some help wanted listings and a gas card for transportation to a job interview.  In total, they visited Harvest House about six or seven times.

It was a hot day in August the last time we saw Roy and his friend, when they came by for some emergency food and this time Roy had a huge smile on his face.  He said this was his last visit to Harvest House, that we would never see him again because he just started a new job and his first payday was the very next day.  He expressed his gratitude for the assistance Harvest House had given them, that he did not know what he would have done without our help and support, but he believed they would not ever need our help again.  And they walked out the door happy and excited about their future.

That is success.  One overused expression is that we offer “a hand up, not a handout”.  But that phrase does communicate our goal.  Empowering the poor is what we try to achieve in our clients’ lives every day.