Welcome to Harvest House

Harvest House is committed to serving the poor and needy in the Tulsa community by attempting to meet many of their most pressing physical, social and spiritual needs in a manner that preserves their dignity and affirms their self-worth.  We help our clients make meaningful steps toward reviving hope and finding a path forward out of their dependency on the system and empowering the poor toward self-sufficiency.

One distinctive of Harvest House is our consistent emphasis on serving the needs of our clients in a manner allowing them to maintain their dignity and conveying a sense of value and worth to the individuals we are serving.  No single agency can meet all the complex needs of the poor and disenfranchised in the Tulsa community, but we can provide food, clothing, limited financial assistance, and referrals to the other agencies that can help them in the full spectrum of care available within the Tulsa community.  Nobody leaves Harvest House without being offered an employment opportunity and/or an educational opportunity for consideration.